Joomla : No HTTP response code found

Written by Brad Traversy on 08 June 2013.

Many Joomla 3.0 webmasters have been complaining about the "No HTTP response code found" error when trying to access theme settings in Joomla's admin area.

Update Joomla

The first thing to do is to update to the latest version which at this time is version 3.0.3. Download it here and upload it over your current installation

Check Your Database

If this does not fix the issue then check your #__update_sites table in your database. You can access your database from phpmyadmin which is offered with most web hosting accounts. If you do not know your database info, you can either find it in your configuration.php file which is in your root directory OR you can go to "Global Configuration" in the Joomla admin area. You want to find the database name, username and password. Now follow the steps below to check the table

  • Log into CPanel and click on the phpmyadmin icon
  • If you are asked for login credentials, input your username and password that you retrieved in the above steps
  • Once logged in to phpmyadmin, click on the correct database in the left hand column
  • Find the #__update_sites table - #__ is just a placeholder for your database prefix. This could be jos_ or something else
  • Look for any strange columns like the image below

update sites


If you have an entry like this, delete it by clicking "Drop"

Go back to the admin page where you got the error and reload it. If this does not work and you find another solution, please add a comment below to help others with the same problem

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Brad Traversy is a web developer/designer from Boston Massachusetts. He specializes in web development using open source content management systems such as Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress.

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