Remove "Powered by Phoca Gallery" Version 3.2.3

Written by Brad Traversy on 29 May 2012.

phocalogoPhoca Gallery is one of if not the best open source 3rd party image gallery solution for Joomla. By default, Phoca includes a "Powered By Phoca Gallery" link in the footer of your website. If it is your own site I would suggest either leaving it or make a small donation. If it is for a client site, obviously leaving it is not an option. So make a small donation and remove it. Here are the instructions for version 3.2.3

Login to your site via ftp or file manager...

To remove from the "Categories" page...

Navigate to components->com_phocagallery->views->categories->tmpl

Open default.php

Comment out line 72

// echo echo PhocaGalleryUtils::footer(); (Use double forward slashes (//) to comment)


To remove from the "Category/Image Gallery" page...

Navigate to components->com_phocagallery->views->category->tmpl

Open default.php

Comment out line 197

//echo $this->tmpl['emm']; (Use double forward slashes (//) to comment)

Thats it!

Here is a quick video for version 3.2.3

ATTENTION: To view instructions for Phoca Gallery version 3.2.5 and version 4.0, please visit this post

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Thank you! From Russia/Khabarov sk
Brad Traversy
I just created a new post for Phoca 3.2.5 and 4.0 -
I have a question. The new version released since two weeks is Phoca Gallery version 3.2.4. Do you already know how to change the powered by link?
Thanks a lot... :-)
Brad Traversy
I have updated this page for Phoca Gallery 3.2.3
Let me know if you have any other issues. Please +1 and "Like" this page
Thanks! This save me much time

I have a PG 3.2.3 (latest version)

This default.php has only 70 lines! :)

Remove fron the category page: delete the last (70th) line

How can I delete from the Galery site?

thanks a lot!
Version 3.2.3
Line 197

echo $this->tmpl['em m'];
Thank's but these don't work for 3.2.3. Have you got an idea or help me for remove this please?
For version 3.2.2 in file
/ components / com_phocagaller y / views / category / tmpl / default.php

Line 407
//echo $this->tmpl['dsf'];

Great man
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