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Written by Brad Traversy on 09 October 2011.


There are many great templates available at the Rockettheme website. I would encourage any designer or developer to purchase a subscription as it is extremely cheap compared to how many beautiful themes that they offer members.

With that said, I dont think that they should place all kinds of links in the footer. There is usually a Rockettheme logo as well as a copyright in the footer of every template. They don't make it easy to remove for non developers so here is how. I do want to say that each theme can vary in terms of which files need to be edited. This particular tutorial is footer removal for the "Akiraka" theme.

Rockettheme Logo

To Remove the Logo

To remove the logo from the footer, log in and navigate to

Open the index.php folder and look for the following line, usually near the bottom. The link can vary between different templates but it will definitely look something like this


Delete the entire line and upload the file back to your website

To Change the Logo

You need to create an image (Around the same size) and save it as the same name as the logo. What is tricky is that in different templates the logo image file can be named differently and also in different folders of the template. Below are some examples.

Momentum Theme - The logo is named rocket.png and is located in templatefolder/images/overlays/dark/rocket.png. If your template uses multiple styles, there will probably be multiple folders in the images directory that correspond to that style. In this case, we are changing the footer logo of the "Dark" style.

Camber Theme - This particular template uses a Rockettheme logo and a "Powered by Gantry" logo in the footer. The Rockettheme logo is called copyright.png and is located in templatefolder/images/body/main/copyright.png. The Gantry logo is located in the same folder.

The easiest thing to do might be to download the entire template folder to your computer so you can sort through the images folder and find the logo files, then just replace them.

Remove the "Powered By" or "Designed By" text next to the logo - open the file "en-GB.tpl_rt_yourtheme_j15.ini" which should be in the same template root folder as index.php or possibly in a folder named "languages" It will look something like

INC_FONT_SIZE=Increase Text Size
DEC_FONT_SIZE=Decrease Text Size

Just delete the text you want gone

Copyright Text

Next, we'll remove the Rockettheme copyright text. There may be a template parameter that you can change in the backend, so check that first by going to your Joomla admin area then Extensions->Template Manager and click on your Rockettheme template. Check out the available parameters and see if there is one to change or delete the footer text.

If not, the text could be in the "en-GB.tpl_rt_yourtheme_j15.ini" file. If it isnt there either, then check the index.php file for it. It should be in one of these areas.

From there you should see some options to change. The footer line should be under SLOGAN. Delete or replace it.

If you still do not find where to remove these, please comment on this post and let me know which theme you are using and I will see if I can find it for you.

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Brad Traversy is a web developer/designer from Boston Massachusetts. He specializes in web development using open source content management systems such as Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress.


Figured out how to do it in the Rockettheme KRIOS template.
Look for the following file -

Find the line -


You can also edit the URL in the above line and use your own and replace the rockettheme logo with your own. The path to the logo is -
It was a combination of both solutions ...

the file was located under:


MAY 2012
Steve Smith
Champs: Go to /templates/rt_m omentum_j15/fea tures/branding. php - that's where you change the link.
I can't find where to change the URL from the rocket theme Brand copyright, i've replaced the logo well but can't fin where to change the URL of
Im using momentum Joomla 2011 template
Thanks in advance
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